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Relevant texts identified in the agreements of the WTO


Annex 1B: General Agreement on Trade in Services

Article I - Scope and Definition

Article II - Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment

Article III - Transparency

Article IV - Increasing Participation of Developing Countries

Article V - Economic Integration

Article VI - Domestic Regulation


Annex 1C: Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Article 15 - Protectable Subject Matter

Article 16 - Rights Conferred

Article 24 - International Negotiations; Exceptions


Agreement on Government Procurement

Article III - National Treatment and Non-discrimination


Decision on Institutional Arrangements for the General Agreement on Trade in Services


Decision on Certain Dispute Settlement Procedures for the General Agreement on Trade in Services


Decision on Trade in Services and the Environment


Decision on Negotiations on Movement of Natural Persons


Decision on Financial Services

Business Guide Chapters


General Agreement on Trade in Services

WTO classification of service sectors

GATS: exceptions to the MFN rule

Type of conditions that countries may impose when assuming market access commitments

Nature of the commitments that can be assumed under each of the four modes of the international trade in services

Format and example of a schedule of horizontal and specific commitments

Nature of limitations imposed by developing countries in their horizontal commitments permitting the establishment of a commercial presence