The American Arbitration Association

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Official name The American Arbitration Association
Address 1633 Broadway, Floor 10
City New York
Country United States
Telephone (212) 484 4181/1 888 855 9575
Fax (212) 246 7274
The American Arbitration Association was founded in 1926 and is the United State's foremost provider of dispute settlement services. It is dedicated to the resolution of disputes through mediation, arbitration and other voluntary out-of-court settlement procedures. The AAA is a non-profit, public service organization with 38 offices in the United States.
The American Arbitration Association (AAA) administers arbitration, mediation and other ADR cases (at the national level, it administers some 80.000 cases per year). It provides a wide-range of dispute resolution rules, including its International Arbitration Rules. It assists in the design and implementation of ADR systems for corporations, government agencies law firms and the courts, to address a full range of business disputes involving, employment, consumer, technology, health care, international trade, etc. The AAA provides education and training for those involved in dispute resolution as neutrals and advocates. It holds a roster of some 18000 impartial experts. It has developed a Code of Ethics for arbitrators and and Model Standards of Conduct for mediators. It publishes a number of periodicals including the Dispute Resolution Journal and ADR Currents.
Has 38 offices nationwide, providing a forum for the hearing of disputes and case administration.


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International Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (2001)  

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