London Court of International Arbitration

General information

Official name London Court of International Arbitration
Address The International Dispute Resolution Centre, 8 Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane
City London
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 020 7405 8008
Fax +44 020 7405 8009
London Court of International Arbitration was established in 1892 as an institution for commercial dispute resolution. The foundation of the LCIA Arbitration Court in 1985 represented a major step towards the internationalisation of the LCIA. The institution administers dispute resolution proceedings for all parties, regardless of their membership, location, and under any system of law. The LCIA is a non-for-profit organisation which operates under a three-tier structure, comprising the Company, the Arbitration Court and the Secretariat, supported by five Users’ Councils around the world.
The LCIA provides a comprehensive international dispute resolution service, both under its own arbitration and mediation Rules and under the UNCITRAL Rules. Tailor-made dispute resolution is also offered. The subject matter of contracts in disputes referred to LCIA includes all aspects of international commerce, including, in particular, telecommunications, insurance, oil and gas exploration, construction, shipping, aviation, pharmaceuticals, IT, finance and banking. The LCIA Court controls effective operation and application of LCIA Rules, the running of the proceedings, and all the matters related to the appointment of arbitrators, including the appointment itself.
The LCIA Secretariat, based at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in London, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of all arbitrations and mediations, whether or not under the LCIA Rules. It supervises and supports the proceeding; provides information and advice to the parties, their representatives, the tribunals and to members. When hearings are outside the UK, administrative services are provided jointly by the Secretariat and an appropriate local arbitration institution.


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Model Clause
Arbitration Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (1998)
Mediation procedure (2002)    

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