Arbitration Service of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

General information

Official name Arbitration Service of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address Chamber Building, P.O. Box 21455
City Nicosia-Cyprus
Country Cyprus
Telephone + 357 2 889840
Fax + 357 2 668630
The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is a private law organization founded in 1927 as a union of Cypriot businessmen whose interests it promotes. Since 1963 it is a federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry operating throughout the country. The CCCI itself administers arbitrations. It also appoints arbitrators and administers arbitration as the Cyprus National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
The CCCI administers dispute resolution both in its own capacity, and in the capacity of the National Committee of the ICC, mostly under the ICC Rules of Arbitration and Conciliation. Some proceedings in which at least one party is Cypriot are administered by the Chamber in its own capacity under the Rules laid down by the Cypriot International Commercial Arbitration Law of 1987, based on the UNCITRAL Model Law. The Chamber does, however, encourage resort to the proceedings governed by the ICC Rules, in particular by recommending a standard arbitration clause stipulating that in case of a conflict between the ICC and the domestic Rules, the former should prevail.


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