The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

General information

Official name The China International Economic and trade Arbitration Commission
Address 6/F, Golden Land Building, 32 Liang Ma Qiao Road, Chaoyang District
City Beijing
Country China
Telephone +86 10 64 64 6688
Fax +86 10 64 64 3500
The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) was established in 1954 within the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to settle, by means of arbitration, disputes arising from economic and trade transactions, contractual or non-contractual and particulary disputes between foreign firms or companies on the one hand and Chinese firms or companies. In line with an increase of caseload, CIETAC has set up two sub-commissions in Shenzhen and Shanghai. The two sub-commissions are an integral part of CIETAC: 17/F, 59 Shennan Zhong Road Shenzhen 518031 People's Republic of China Telephone: (86 755) 336 5877 / 336 5885 Facsimile: ( 86 755) 336 4776 Shanghai Commission 33, Zhongshan Road (E.1) Shanghai People's Republic of China Telephone: (86 21) 6329 5443 / 6323 3710 Facsimile: (86 21) 6329 1442 / 6329 5332 Web Link: The above are all subordinate sections of the China Council for the International Trade (CCPIC). The Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission established in 1954, renamed the "Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission" in 1980, and then renamed again as CIETAC in 1998.
The Arbitration Commission has for its functions to resolve through arbitration disputes arising from economic and trade transactions, contractual or non-contractual, involving, in particular foreign enterprises or enterprises with foreign investment, on the one hand, and Chinese physical or legal persons, on the other. Its scope of jurisdiction is extensive, comprising: international or foreign-related disputes; disputes related to the Hong Kong SAR, Macao or Taiwan regions, disputes between a foreign enterprise and a Chinese legal or physical person, etc. A multi-national panel of arbitrators is available to serve under CIETAC rules. As a permanent international commercial arbitration institution, the CIETAC has its own distinctive features, listed below: - Supervision over cases : The CIETAC adopts the practice of reviewing draft awards, after supervising and managing the arbitration proceedings to ensure the impartiality of its awards; - The combination of arbitration with conciliation : Combining the advantages of arbitration and conciliation, the tribunal may conciliate the case before or after the commencing of the arbitration proceedings if the parties so desire. If the conciliation fails, the tribunal will continue the arbitration proceedings in accordance with the Arbitration Rules until the final award is issued. The key is that the arbitrators can perform the conciliator's function, if necessary, in the same proceedings ; i.e. the arbitration proceedings. - Low cost : The CIETAC tries to provide the most convenient and best service to the parties at the lowest cost. According to CIETAC, taking into account the current Fee Schedule of its Arbitration Rules, the CIETAC charges are quite low compared to other major international commercial arbitration institutions in the world.
- Facilities for arbitrations at the Arbitration Commission's seat in Beijing or at the seat of lts sub-commissions in Shenzhen and Shanghaï. In the absence of an agreement by the parties on the place of arbitration, the Claimant may opt for the arbitration to be conducted in any three of these places.


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Arbitration Rules of The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (2000)    

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