Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC)

General information

Official name Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC)
Address 7/F, Zhaoshang Building, No.118 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District
City Beijing
Country China
Telephone (86) 10 656 698 56
Fax (86) 10 656 680 78
The Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC) is a permanent organization that provides a forum for the efficient and impartial arbitration of disputes associated with contractual and other property rights among citizens, legal persons and other organizations. The BAC was established in 1995, upon approval by the Beijing People's Government in accordance with the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China. The BAC is comprised of one Chairman, four Vice-Chairmen and several members, all of whom are specialists and renowned experts in the legal, economic and trade sectors.
The BAC accepts both domestic and foreign-related economic disputes. The parties to such disputes may either select their arbitrators from the BAC's list of arbitrators or entrust the Chairman of the BAC to designate arbitrators to form the arbitration tribunal. BAC arbitration tribunals hear cases and make awards independently, on the basis of facts, in accordance with law and by reference to international practices. BAC arbitration awards are final and binding on both parties. In accordance with the Arbitration Law, the BAC has assembled more than 200 arbitrators from the legal, economic trade and high-tech sectors, all of whom are highly regarded in their respective fields and maintain high ethical standards. The BAC's list of arbitrators has been compiled and is organized by speciality, including economic contracts, technology contracts, intellectual property, real property, engineering and construction, securities, trade and investment.


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