Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution – CEDR

General information

Official name Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution – CEDR -
Address National Dispute Resolution Centre / 70 Fleet Street
City London
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)20 7536 6000
Fax +44 (0)20 7536 6001
URL http://www.cedr.co.uk
Email info@cedr.co.uk
CEDR is an independent non-profit organisation, which was launched in 1990 with the support of the Confederation of British Industry. Its mission is to encourage and develop mediation and other cost-effective dispute resolution and prevention techniques in commercial and public-sector disputes and civil litigation. CEDR has played a key role in bringing mediation into business practice and into the judicial system in England and Wales. Its membership includes multinational organisations, international law firms and professional and governmental bodies. It has an international trainer and accreditation of mediators’ experience. It trains professionals in conflict management and offers consultancy services to business, law firms and public sector organisations.
CEDR's dispute resolution service, CEDR Solve, is a leading commercial mediation provider and has handled over 10,000 mediation referrals. It is a truly independent dispute resolution provider with neither law firms, mediators nor special interest groups as financial stakeholders. Regarding mediation, over 70 per cent of cases referred to CEDR Solve were settled, most mediations are arranged within a few weeks (and can be arranged even more quickly) and the formal mediation session usually lasts for one or two days only. Regarding consultancy, CEDR works in partnership with a wide variety of business and public-sector organisations to enable them to approach and manage conflict more effectively. From establishing stakeholder-dialogue processes for the facilitation of major disputes, to referral schemes for the efficient resolution of high volume caseloads, to training for staff to manage internal conflict more effectively, CEDR offers acknowledged experts at identifying, developing and implementing the best processes for any conflict situation.

Last update : 2006-06-09