European Company Lawyers Association

Official name Association européenne des juristes d'entreprises
Address Bezuidenhoutseweg 12 P.O.Box 93002
City La Haye
Country Netherlands
Postal code 2509 AA
Telephone +31 70 349 04 10
Fax +31 70 349 04 17
Founded in 1983 the European Company Lawyers Association is an international non-profit association governed by Belgian law, comprising national associations of company lawyers within Europe, and, through these associations, over 12000 company lawyers, working for more than 5000 companies. Its seat is in Brussels, Blegium. The main purposes of the Association are: to represent its members on a European and international level; to create centres for studies, documentation and contacts for the purpose of improving the exchange of professional information among its members; to organize meetings, conferences and seminars relating to legal matters; to promote legal research. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors composed of one Director nominated by each member. Member Associations exist in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, England and Wales, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain.

Last update : 2005-06-30