The Cairo Centre's Rules of Conciliation

Rule 1

Where parties to a contract have agreed in writing to seek an amicable settlement of disputes arising out of or relating to their contract by conciliation in accordance with the Rules of Conciliation of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, then such conciliation shall take place in accordance with the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules subject to the modifications set forth in the present rules. The rules applicable to the conciliation shall be those in force at the time of the commencement of conciliation unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

Rule 2

The party initiating conciliation shall provide the Centre with a request for conciliation briefly identifying the subject of the dispute along with a copy of the agreement entered into by the parties for conciliation and a registration fee of three hundred U.S. Dollars.

The Centre shall send a copy of the conciliation request as soon as possible to the other party or parties.

Conciliation proceedings shall commence when the other party accepts in writing the invitation to conciliate.

If the other party rejects the conciliation request or if the Centre does not receive a reply within 15 days from the date on which the other party receives the said request or within such other period of time as specified therein, the Centre shall inform the party initiating conciliation of such results.

Rule 3

The director of the Centre shall assist in the appointment of conciliators if the parties fail to reach an agreement on the name or names of conciliator(s). Where, pursuant to these rules and to article 4(2) of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules, the Centre is to recommend or appoint conciliators, the names of the conciliators shall be drawn from the panel of conciliators maintained by the Centre for that purpose.

Rule 4

With the consent of the parties, the director of the Centre shall provide or arrange for administrative assistance or facilities in order to facilitate the conduct of the conciliation proceedings.

Rule 5

The parties shall furnish to the director of the Centre copies of all written statements to be submitted to the conciliator(s) and to be sent to the other parties. The Centre shall send copies of all written submissions to the other parties and to the conciliator(s).

Unless agreed otherwise, the Conciliator(s) at the termination of the conciliation proceedings shall furnish to the director of the Centre the settlement agreement signed by the parties or a report justifying the termination of the conciliation proceedings without reaching a settlement.

Rule 6

In lieu of the provisions of article (18) of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules, the following provisions shall apply:

a. The director of the Centre shall prepare an estimate of the costs of conciliation and may request parties to deposit equal advance payments.

b. During the course of the conciliation proceedings, the director of the Centre may request supplementary deposits from the parties.

c. If the required deposits are not paid in full within thirty days after the receipt of the request, the director of the Centre shall inform the parties in order that one or another of them may make the required payments. If such payment is not made, the conciliator(s), after consultation with the director of the Centre, may order the suspension of the conciliation proceedings.

d. The director of the Centre may deduct an amount from the supplementary deposits and direct it towards the costs of conciliation.

e. Upon termination of the conciliation, the director of the Centre shall render an accounting to the parties of the deposits received and return any unexpended balance to the parties.

Rule 7

a. For the purpose of these rules, the term "costs" as specified in article (17) of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules shall also include the expenses reasonably incurred by the Centre in connection with the conciliation as well as its administrative

b. The facilities provided by the Centre may be charged for on the basis of comparable costs.

c. The administrative charges of the Centre shall be estimated by the director of the Centre at one quarter of the amount estimated as administrative charges for arbitration with a minimum of five hundred U.S. Dollars.

d. The conciliators' fees shall be calculated according to the Cairo Centre's Rules for determining the arbitrators' fees.

e. In some cases due to the complexity of the dispute or the length of the hearings, the director of the Centre may undertake consultation with the conciliator and the parties to adjust the basis of the assessment of fees and expenses.